My name is Micah, & I'm a writer living in Los Angeles, CA.


Do you like pop culture? How about the occasional side-quest delving into the worlds of writing or visual art? (If that's a "yes" — then you’ve come to the right place!)

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Here you'll find (a bit) longer-form content, like book / video game / podcast reviews, etc.

Fire Focus Fifteen: Light Your Fire, Find Your Focus, All In Fifteen Minutes A Day
Prescriptive Non-Fiction Book: Mindfulness, Journaling, Productivity
(In Development)

Untitled Stage Musical
(In Development)


The Latter
(Short Film)

Stop being a wallflower—your neighborhood wants to dance.

🏆 Winner of iPhone Film Festival
👀 Featured in MovieMaker Magazine

Recycled Dialogue
(Short Film)

A hand-cut, animated memoir on American Healthcare.

👀 Official Selection: Art Basel Miami

Visual Art

Limited-run block prints (matboard & linoleum block) made with archival acrylic ink.


Micah Moss is a writer & alumnus of George Fox University. He was raised in the Pacific Northwest & currently lives with his lovely wife & son in Los Angeles, CA.

Credits: Website built with Carrd*, Photo by DJ Paine

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Spooky Treasure Hunt
(DIY Game)

Can you find the Goblin's gold?

🕷 Free game to print out & play at home!
🕸 Good for all ages, with a touch of spookiness