Micah Moss is a writer / director and honored alumnus of George Fox University.  He was raised in the rugged Redwoods and currently lives with his lovely wife and rambunctious son in loony Los Angeles.

Before he hit the big double-digits, Micah was already writing and illustrating his own comic books. Nothing could stop this pint-sized crime-fighter from dashing home after school and diving into vibrant worlds. Bold, colorful stories are what he craved, and he gobbled them up by the baker's dozen. On any given day, his babysitters were: Batman, Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, Superman, Star Wars, Ducktails, Back to the Future, the list goes on and on ...

To this day—if you give Micah cinematic stories—he's livin' the life of Riley. He's spent years honing his craft so he can share his stories with you; he hopes you dig (or maybe even cherish) them. He knows the thrill of a well-spun yarn—and as he clatters away on a keyboard while you journey through his work—he's geekin' out right alongside you.