On Being Creative: "Close The Gap"

I've kept my head low finishing drafts on the Lark Shaw fantasy series, and I'm getting quite excited to share these stories with the world.  To that end, there's been some radio silence on the blog (sorry 'bout that!) but it's all for good reason my friends.

In this spirit, I'd like to share a great little video on the creative process, taken from an interview with the venerable storyteller, Ira Glass.  It will only take two minutes of your life, and I do believe everyone undertaking a creative endeavor needs to hear these words.  Hang in there kids — your work will improve if you slug it out and take no prisoners!

Interview With Bad Headshots Podcast

Do you commute to places? Wash dishes? Assemble IKEA furniture? During these banal moments (instead of confronting the existential terror of your own private thoughts) how about giving my interview with the Bad Headshots Podcast a listen, hosted by the butt-kicking Kurt Larson himself? You can stream it in the above box, or better yet – I highly recommend subscribing to the podcast directly (and leaving a kind review)! You can find the podcast on iTunes here:

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